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     Start your own Cruise & Tour home-based business today and earn absolutely free cruises quickly, including all taxes, port fees and government fees, simply by giving away “Free Cruise” cards! When others join you in this exciting business you earn cash and absolutely free 3 or 7 day cruises! Not just once, nor twice! But over and over again! Don’t take cruises? You can take land based vacations to popular places such as Las Vegas, Cancun, Hawaii, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica or any other vacation destination of your choice, absolutely FREE !!!

     Imagine taking 3 or 6 cruises a year absolutely FREE! You can! Simply enroll today with Cruise Free America and earn your first Free Cruise in just a few days! But that’s not all! You also earn money by selling cruises and tours or by simply referring people to purchase cruises and tours! And we’ll show you how to earn free cruise berths that you can keep for yourself or sell to earn even more money!

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     When you sign up, you receive a kit that contains 100 referral cards that you give to friends, relatives and neighbors. All you have to do is give away these Cruise Free cards. When a new representative enrolls in Cruise Free America you are given credit for them and you begin earning money and Free cruises immediately.

     You don’t need to sponsor any representatives to make money. Your friends, relatives or neighbors may just be in need of a nice cruise or land vacation. You can help them book their dream vacation and earn a nice commission! But why not help them earn huge sums of money and Free cruises in their own home-based business, while you do the same!

     Once you show six people the benefits of joining Cruise Free America as an Executive Representatives you earn your first bonus of $100 to $200. Once you sponsor a total of 10 new Executive Representatives you earn a Free 3-Day Cruise of your choice and another $100 to $200 bonus as an Executive Representative or Vice President.

You Keep Earning Money and You Keep Cruising Free Forever!

  • You earn additional bonuses of $100, $125, $150, $300, $400, $600, $750, $1000 or $2000.

  • When you sponsor 25 Executive Representatives you earn another 3-Day cruise and another $100 to $200 bonus as an Executive Representative or Vice President.

  • At 100 referrals you earn a 7-Day cruise of your choice and a bonus of $750 to $2000.

  • As you continue to sponsor members to Cruise Free America you earn more cruises at the same 10, 25 and 100 Executive Representative enrollments in addition to your bonuses and commissions.

  • Prefer other Travel? You can choose a Free Las Vegas, Cancun, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Hawaii or any other vacation of equal value instead!

You Will Never Pay for Another Cruise or Vacation Again!

     Start Earning Your Share of a $7 Trillion Dollar Industry Today! 12.62 Million Passengers Projected to Cruise in 2007 According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

     As a Cruise Free America Representative you earn 50%-60% of the commissions paid by the cruise line or travel vendor when you sell travel. You don’t need any experience to start. When you enroll in Cruise Free America you will receive a kit that contains everything you need to start your own lucrative cruise business right away, including a guide called “Selling Cruises Quick Start Manual” which contains step-by-step instructions on how to sell cruises. You can get started immediately in your own home-based cruise and travel business!

You Won’t Find an Easier and More Lucrative Home-based Travel Business Anywhere! “This is truly the best business to create financial independence and enjoy a life-time of joyful cruises and vacations!”

     To get started today you simply complete a New Representative Agreement, pay a one time enrollment fee and you are on your way to earning Free Cruises and unlimited income! You can earn commissions and Free Cruise in just a few days!

     You will receive a Fast Start Kit that contains everything you need to get started right away! Your kit includes a Welcome Letter, Selling Cruises Quick Start Manual, New Representative Applications, 100 Cruise Free Cards, Cruise Brochures, CLIA Training Information, Cruise Postcards, a CD Full of Marketing Materials and Images, Cruise Booking Sheets and much more.

You Earn Money, Bonuses and Other Benefits Nine Different Ways!

1. Earn up to 60% commission selling cruises and tours.

2. Earn Leadership Bonuses and promotions.

3. Earn a free cruise or a $500 bonus by sponsoring just 10 new

4. Earn unlimited 3 and 7-Day Free Cruises by continuing to sponsor new

5. Executive Pool Cruise Sales Residual

6. Executive Pool Leadership Bonus

7. Associate Pool Leadership Bonus

8. Vice President Pool

9. Earn FAMs (Familiarization Trips)

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     I guarantee that you’ll enjoy being a Cruise Free America representative. If you are dissatisfied in any way I’ll give you a full refund of your membership fee. No questions asked! You can start earning money and Free Cruises immediately!

     Sincerely, Manny Sarmiento

     CEO -  Cruise Free America /, Inc.


     P.S. The regular membership fee is $197.00 but I have reduced it to $97 for the first 100 representatives that enroll in Cruise Free America. You have nothing to lose with my 100%, 30-day money back guarantee! Join Right Now!

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